Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I find it somewhat fitting to be sitting at 10:51 pm, on the night of your fifth birthday, to begin again a journal to you, Ms. Juliette.
Wolf Pup.
Princess Chickenary.
Lil' Bouth.
Jules Verne.
and a million other names you have so lovingly been given over these last years; each bestowed with an immeasurable amount of love by those around you.

How could I ever have imagined that I could be as equally exhausted as I was alert? To never again sleep a full night (as the nights are long for you) yet wake up refreshed, happy to see you are happy, alive, well, loved and growing?

How could I remember days of my prior life without editing you into those few wispy fragments of time? How could I have imagined that all I have learned and loved and experienced would help make me the person who teaches you about life?

What an unbelievable time to begin to remember. For five years, I have been on survival mode; feeding, changing, cleaning, washing, fixing, timing, measuring, teaching, praising, correcting, HOPING to just keep you alive and well. I can almost relax... a little.

You have become quite the young lady; such a wise, caring, thoughtful girl, so full of questions and with a ready heart. You are curious and cautious and stubborn to the core- like dada. (I love you for that.)

You are silly and smart and creative (I would hope like me, but dad is all of those too).

All of these years I have been storing such wonderful memories of you. You have had quite a few adventures! Forgive me for holding them back; it has been a long time since I had time.

I know last night I told you about the day my water broke and we knew you were coming. I'll write it down so that we don't forget (though one never forgets the day they became something great).

To you, my little Wolf, my tiny pup, my beautiful girl-

Thank you for giving me life.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A note to juliette

It's mom. (holy cow this is strange)

Wondering what you are doing, how you are doing and what you think about all day. Do you think about anything right now? Are you like Danny DeVito in twins, yapping away in the womb? It sure feels like you are doing something in there, that's for sure.

Also, what's taking so long? I'm going to have to warn you beforehand, I'm pretty impatient. I think most people are but I'm more of a "hurry, hurry, what's the hold up?!?!" kind of impatient. Not the meany kind. Just nuts.

There is a lot of stuff going on around here. Your grandma flies in tomorrow from AZ. It's pretty rad that you are waiting for her to get here. We were sure you were ready to come a few weeks ago! I'm going to be honest here, I was ready too. We just want to meet you already. There are so many questions! What do you look like? What's your temperament? How will you know who we are? What will be your interests? Will you be as restless as me? What will you think of the world in 20 years? Who are you?

I never thought I could love someone so much that I have never met (besides David Bowie, we shall teach you great music, my love) and that's why we need you here now!
And then there is the perfect example of how scattered I am. See? Wasn't I filling you in on stuff? You'll learn. Maybe you'll be like your dad and just look at me and wonder what the heck is going on in my head; maybe you'll be like me and wonder why dad is so solid, stable, predictable and perfect for mom.

We'll have to see.

Love you,


p.s. sometimes we are not going to sound fair, but I promise it will be in your best interest. Just putting it out there.

(your aunt Denise drew this when she found you were coming. isn't she awesome?)

Only 4 days left!

I don't think she can be any lower. I have run 2-3 miles every day since the last wedding I had and nothing! Going a little nutty......

I just want to meet her already.

see? even ranger is anxious

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Forgot the STATS!!

At the whale-like girth which is the 9/10th month of pregnancy, here are the stats:

Weight: 141
Height: 5'6" or 5'3" depending on how much I have to hunch over to support the 25lb bowling ball
Shoe Size: SAME! feet never swelled- thank god!
Days spent wearing non-jeggings: 2 (one skirt, one dress)

tips for how to minimize the girthy-ness: (is that even a word?)

Always ask for pictures from the back. I know, I know, normally odd- now it's totally ok. boots wider than your calves seems to work too.

big vests! big boots! big hair! big stuff period!

kidding. i love that bump- my baby girl is in there!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

photo dump

for everyone who is upset (including me) that this has not been updated in 2 months! love you guys.

8 months, after the worst 2 weeks weeks of my life- here we are after the 5k.

shower cake by the Pereda's and the Sienkiewicz's!

Wishing this were a tapped beer..... :) Nine Months

two preggies! friend yady at 6 months, pats at 9 months

shane and pats @ 9 months

clowny kids- 9 months :)

Nine and a half months

nine and a half months at the zoo!

Last Wedding before she's born (cutting it close! September 30th)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

7 months!!

here's an awful picture that we finally took after laughing for 20 minutes trying to take a picture. I keep telling Shane that if you take a picture angled downwards, you will look frumpy and short. He says I am frumpy and short- angle notwithstanding.
We could not stop laughing! But whatever- here she and I am- 7 months of gestational bliss. I was on my way to swim since it's been so freaking hot out and I'm not allowed to run in the heat. It's really not that bad but I guess I could hold off on the running for a bit longer.

and yes shane- those are GLASSES in my hand. you're so immature!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

mama stats:

26 weeks
34C (WOO HOO!)
134lbs *
still the same height!
0 days in the second trimester that I've worn pants (yoga pants not included)

muchkin stats

15 inches!
2.2 lbs
moving like a maniac

* I really thought I would have a hard time with the weight thing when I got pregnant. I really think all women do, but something about have no control over your body for 9 months was really the most nerve racking thing about the whole situation.

After numerous hours spent looking in the mirror at my new body, I think I can say I am amazed. Sometimes I look down at my belly in the shower and it kid of freaks me out that there is something LIVING in there- then she moves and I remember "oh yeah, it's Juliette- duh" and then life proceeds like normal. Or maybe I walk past a mirror, catch a glimpse and walk back. Who is this person? It's all so round and squishy and blotchy (yeah- blotchy too) and as much as I think I know my body, I really don't. It changes every day. It is for sure the coolest thing I have ever done. Also the strangest. Sorry Munch- but when you read this in a few years, and more maybe when you are pregnant yourself, you will realize how crazy the whole thing is.

Love you.

Did I tell you it was the best day ever!?!?!

Last Saturday was probably the best day of my life- I slept well, had a great day at work, got a great run in, the weather was perfect and BEST OF ALL: ALL OF MY BABIES CAME HOME!

My amazing sister in law had her twinkie girls on Thursday the 30th of June and by Saturday, those munchkins were in car seats heading home. I can't tell you how stinkin' cute these girls are- you'll have to see it for yourself:

Welcome home Audra Maye and Margo Rose- i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Can't wait to meet you beautiful lil babes.

- pats

Monday, July 11, 2011

ideas for the nugget:

plus aunt Marci is making her an unbelievably pretty bedding set. I had no idea that shiz was so freaking pricey- I'm pretty sure my bedding was 1/4 of what kiddo stuff costs. We've got a quilt, sheets (!), curtains and bed skirt in some pretty rad material. Don't you wish you had a friend as crafty as mine? :)

Monday, June 27, 2011


My beautiful friend Kate had her son on Sunday, June 19th, 2011 at 7:44 p.m.
Welcome to this world little Maximilian Daniel Pereda.
5lbs, 2 ounces and 18.5 inches.

Your crazy aunts, Marci and Patty are ready for you!

Love you XOXO.


24 weeks

Since I finally published the 21 week photo, it'll be funny to see the immediate difference in the gut. I had an appointment just a few hours ago and was told by (one of) my awesome doctors that I could actually slow down the weight gain. HA! Shane had been freaking out about me not eating enough that I gained 6lbs in 3 weeks. Amazing!

But as long as she's healthy, who cares! Still no cravings beyond those I've always had of junk food so I guess it's been normal. My running is a little better. I have gotten more used to the slow pace so that it doesn't hurt my knees as much and yoga in the park has been sooo fun to teach. All in all, this pregnancy has been pretty good.

Another AWESOME note: SHE'S MOVING! Tons, really, which made makes me super happy. She had me worried there for a second. She is breech at the moment so I feel a lot of movement on my left hip and right hip- nothing down the center. It's pretty wild.

Here are a few pics from the family bbq my parents made for us this weekend. I love that mexican baby showers include DJ's and beer. It's the best. Thanks guys!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"congratulations, you are halfway there!"

a few things were settled after a seemingly rock bottom bad day:

I can't feel munchkin because I have an "anterior placenta" meaning all the baby shiz is in the front- cushioning any potential blows I may feel.
This is good, cause the whoooole time I'm freaking out that I can't feel anything and everyone I tell this to say "Really?!? That's bad/weird/worrisome/pick-a-negative adjective". Great. Thanks for the extra concern. SO THERE! she's alive!

And sleeeeeeepppyyyyy... I mean I had to roll all over the ultrasound table to make her move. I'd roll and she'd jump, flail, yawn and then go right back to sleep. This is so very funny considering I'm nuts! If she's a napper, it'd be wild! Then you have that little hand that sticks straight up while she sleeps. so freaking cute.

So here she is:

21 Weeks
13 Ounces
8.5 Inches

128 lbs
130/92 Blood pressure (best ever!)
Still a 34C, though I'm thinking I need a 36? What do you think Danielle?
12 Hair ties to date that just explode trying to hold this crazy amount of hair. I can only imagine what Denise would think having to cut this mane.....

Monday, May 23, 2011

The beauty of pregnancy

is actually not pretty at all. There are a LOT of funky things that happen to your body when you're pregnant. How come no one ever told us this? Mom?

First- what is with the bad skin? I didn't have zits this bad in High School! No amount of cover up is "covering up" these things. I had to resort to getting bangs. It helps, but now I REALLY look like a pregnant teenager.

Second- um, body hair. Sorry but I can't be the only woman who wakes up with peach fuzz all over- WTH? I'm not exactly cold enough to need an extra layer, but I'm pretty sure it's doing its job at keeping me warm. Really warm, like Degree extra strength is not cutting it anymore. Shane, can I borrow your deodorant?

And I think that's it (for now). I guess I can't complain too much as it hasn't been that bad. I'll have to settle for looking like a pregnant, acne-ridden, sweaty teenager for just a few more months.


5'6" (or 5'10" with these awesome heels I can still walk in)
127 lbs
34C/D (I say C/D cause the C is a lil snug but the D is still very ambitious)
4 Bottle of Palmers Shea Butter Stretch Mark Cream

Munchkin's Numbers:
6 Inches (a Mango!)
8.5 Ounces

So awesome.

Ranger being a good boy


19 weeks

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

seriously...people are going to trust us with a kid?

ob offices are usually late. and by usually I mean always.

so what do we do in the meantime?

btw, they found a cyst- again! grrrrr stupid things won't go away! we'll have to watch it i guess.